Sunday, January 5, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Etsy Blog Comment handmade and vintage goods
Photo courtesy of Etsy Seller'sHandbook

 When I am stuck for what project to begin I try to think about a family member or friend and what that person might like as a gift. Creativity is a gift to share with others. If I have someone in mind as a recipient then I can start there. I choose a color scheme, subject matter and mood for that particular person and it helps me to focus. I tend to bounce around between ideas and I need to have a specific need to fulfill to help me to solidify my idea. I think this is when I do my best work. It also helps when I am at my day job as a high school  art teacher. I tell the ‘stuck’ students to make a gift for a family  member or friend and it helps to motivate them.  MirGardenArt

The comment above was chosen for the Etsy Blog Sellers Handbook.  It was so much fun to see how many views it bought my shop!

Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

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No thank you, I'll pass on the New Year's resolutions this year.  I feel like I should just keep on doing what I am doing.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for resolutions but this year is different somehow. Last year was a difficult one and I am still recovering from it!  I just need to keep on keepin on and see where the year takes me...

However, I did choose a word for this year:  Surrender.
This seems fitting because I skipped the resolutions thing.  I am just going to take it as it comes.

A couple of very positive things happened so far.  I will have a display in a local consignment shop in the near future.  Very excited about this.  I love this shop!
 And I had over 800 views on my Etsy Shop over the last two day!  This has never happened before and it is very encouraging.  I am seeing the fruits of my efforts in working diligently on my artwork.  I am starting to see new growth and I feel really good about it!!

My son is in Ireland and I miss him!  Can't wait to see him on Monday.

 Hopes for this 2014-
Take a Photoshop class,
Post on this blog weekly, and
Create a painting at least biweekly.
If my AP Art students can do it so can I!

Can't wait for the new episodes of Downton Abbey

I made it!  My first 7 Quick Takes!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Must Remember Who I AM

I feel like Christmas time and the coming new Year is a time for self-reflection, as many people do.  Questions like "How am I doing Lord?" and "What do you want me to work on this year?" are on my mind.  It's not about weight or exercise or that sort of thing this year.  It's more about how I am doing in my relationships with family, friends and God.   I guess its because of everything my family has been through with the loss of my precious niece.  The other stuff just doesn't seem to matter so much anymore. So while working on this painting, I was half watching EWTN.  I didn't catch the priest's name, but he was talking about how God sees us as He intends for us to be; He sees us as if we have become the person He wishes for us to be.  I don't know that I am explaining it clearly and I wish I wrote down what he said exactly.  What I got out of it was that God has high hopes for us.  And I really like that!  It makes me feel hopeful.  And he ended his little talk with the quote on this painting. " I must remember who I am, a child of God, destined for Glory!"

Hey If You Are Local...

Visit the Catholic Shop in Norristown PA

I donated a group of Catholic Saint Dolls to raise money for the missions and the dolls are available at the Catholic Shop!  Say hi to Mary and ask for details.  All proceeds go to the missions.  I am not sure which dolls will be there, but if you are in the area check it out.  Prices are good and they have a great selection of inspiring books on the Catholic faith and other gift items.

"The Joy of the Cross"

                                                   The Joy of the Cross listed on Etsy

I created this cross about 4 years ago.  At the time I had little space set up in my apartment.  Actually it was in my little kitchen.   Since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen as most moms do, I would walk back and forth adding this and that until I called it finished.  I kind of liked working in this method because I could work in spurts.
Okay, so let me get to the real deal on this painting.
I made this while my niece was being treated for brain cancer.  It helped a little.
Lessons learned-
*Cancer is a monster
*My sister is an amazing woman
*Jacqueline is her mother's daughter
*I love my family and am more blessed than I realized
*There is still Joy

John 16:22 - "Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.".
(Jesus was talking about himself but you get the idea!) 

Friday, December 27, 2013

"Create" Mixed Media Collage with Lace


I worked on this painting for about two years before I finally decided to call it finished.  It's a mixed media collage called "Create".  The size is 9" by 12" and its available on Etsy.  Prints and wood mounted smaller prints are also available. Watermark will not be on the painting or on prints.  See "Create" and more of my work at Mir Garden Art on Etsy! I usually paint saints or Mary and Jesus but for this work I wanted to experiment with different techniques I haven't used before.  I really like the way the lace looks and will be using the element in my work in the future.